г.Тамбов, ул. Советская 67Б
(ост. "Дом-музей Чичерина")
г.Тамбов, ул. Пионерская 14, к3
(ост. "Динамо")
+7 (906) 597-55-55

+7 (4752) 43-55-55
+7 (4752) 43-33-33

Начало сотрудничества с МАРИАДИ ГРУПП

Today we are excited to announce that ‘abc’ language school has become an official partner of MARYADI GROUP – one of the largest Russian companies providing educational abroad for students of different ages. Now, acting on behalf of MARYADI GROUP in Tambov we are glad to offer our students courses at schools in the UK, The USA, Canada as well as summer camps for children in these countries. If studying abroad has been your dream for a long time it’s time to call us and make the dream come true!

43-55-55, 8(906)597-55-55
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