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English for Special Purposes

English course for beginners
‘From Zero to Hero’
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State-of-art course books from leading publishing houses and authentic materials
Wide range of spheres (sales and marketing, law, media, tourism, hospitality, etc.)
Courses are easily adapted to students’ needs
Course duration 6 months
Frequency of classes 2 classes 90 minutes each
Number of people in a group from 4 to 6
Age of students 18+

English for special purposes is a business English course devised for students willing to acquire knowledge in particular sphere (sales and marketing, law, media, tourism, hospitality, etc.). In addition to developing skills of business English the course boosts the knowledge of specific terminology and gives sufficient practice of its usage.

Who is it for
the course is suitable for specialists of different level actively using English at work.
Course aim
to develop language competence in a particular sphere (Legal Business English, Technical Business English, Financial Business English, HR Business English, etc.)
Course results
1) the ability to negotiate in English, give presentations and business talks;
2) boosting vocabulary in the chosen sphere;
3) the ability to read and understand authentic texts in the chosen sphere.

Courses with other levels of knowledge

Course ‘English with Confidence’
Course ‘English with Confidence’
Level Intermediate
Course duration 6 months
Frequency of classes - 2 classes 90 minutes each
English via Skype
English via Skype
Level A2 - C1
Course duration Course duration depends on the starting level of a student and desired exam
Frequency of classes - negotiable
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