Tambov, Sovetskaya 67b
(bus stop 'Chicherin House Museum')
Tambov, Pionerskaya 14/3
(bus stop 'Dinamo')
+7 (906) 597-55-55

+7 (4752) 43-55-55
+7 (4752) 43-33-33

Parents of the group of primary schoolchildren

We are really grateful to Anna Petrovna Chernysheva, the head of ‘abc’ language school for making classes interesting and efficient. The kids love studying English in friendly atmosphere created in class. The groups consist of 5-6 children, but the teacher always find individual approach to each student. The classes help to cope with school curriculum in English. Thanks a lot!

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Школа иностарнных языков "ABC"
Советская 67 б Тамбов
+7 (906) 597-55-55 +7 (4752) 43-55-55 +7 (4752) 43-33-33 abc_school@bk.ru