Tambov, Sovetskaya 67b
(bus stop 'Chicherin House Museum')
Tambov, Pionerskaya 14/3
(bus stop 'Dinamo')
+7 (906) 597-55-55

+7 (4752) 43-55-55
+7 (4752) 43-33-33

Haven’t mastered the course at school – we’ll help to catch up during the holiday!

This special intensive course at ‘abc’ language school helps to catch up with school curriculum and improve general knowledge of English. The course develops all 4 basic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The course suits students of different levels and was designed for school children from the 1st to 10th grades. Our tutors know how to help your child improve their English skills while creativity at classroom makes lessons both efficient and engaging. Your child will love studying with our tutors and it’s commonly known that when we enjoy learning something it dramatically increases efficiency.

One-to-one, pair and group classes are available. For further information and to get enrolled to the class please call: 43-55-55, 8(906)597-55-55

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Школа иностарнных языков "ABC"
Советская 67 б Тамбов
+7 (906) 597-55-55 +7 (4752) 43-55-55 +7 (4752) 43-33-33 abc_school@bk.ru