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English course for beginners
‘From Zero to Hero’
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Curriculum complies with international standards
Maximum language immersion
Development of all major skills (reading, speaking, listening, writing)
Course duration 6 months
Frequency of classes 2 classes 90 minutes each a week
Number of people in a group from 4 to 6
Age of students 18+

Italian language course provides students with essential language training. The main goal of the course is to teach students to use the Italian language in real life situations.

The course combines:

  • mastering grammar,
  • developing reading and writing skills
  • intensive speaking and listening

The course is devised in accordance with Common European Framework of Reference. Consistency and effectiveness of tuition is achieved through the use of up-to-date materials from leading international universities and publishing houses. In addition to class books a great number of authentic materials, newspaper and magazine articles, videos from major Italian channels is used at class.

Communicative approach applied in ‘abc’ language school helps students to start speaking Italian at a very first class. The system of courses allows to proceed from elementary to advanced level.

We apply creative approach to teaching, to make sure that the classes are not only efficient but interesting as a lot of our adult learners attend classes after work.  Each class is new experience with lots of positive emotions which make learning even more fruitful. Role-playing games and abundance of dialogues help to simulate everyday situations which we all face while using the language abroad (for example in a hotel, shop or airport). And friendly and warm atmosphere at our school helps to overcome language barrier!

Courses with other levels of knowledge

Level from beginner to advanced (A1 – B2)
Course duration 6 months
Frequency of classes - 2 classes 90 minutes each a week
Course ‘English with Confidence 2’
Course ‘English with Confidence 2’
Level Upper-Intermediate
Course duration 6 months
Frequency of classes - 2 classes 90 minutes each
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